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OCTOBER 30th, 1879. 

John M. Whitted, Moderator, Prospect Hall, ST. C. 
M. J. Mitchell, Clerk, Elkinsville, Bladen Co., IS". C. 
Lewis Moore, Treasurer, Elkinsville, Bladen Co., N. C. 

Jackson & Bell, Printers and Binders, 







OCTOBER 30th, 1879. 

John M. Whitted, Moderator, Prospect Hall, N'. C. 
M. J. Mitchell, Clerk, Elkinsville, Bladen Co., 1ST. C. 
Lewis Mooke, Treasurer, Elkinsville, Bladen Co., JS r . C. 

Jackson & Bell, Printers and Binders, 


Boon, Samuel — Prospect Hall, X. C. 
Croslin, J. M —Prospect Hall. N. C. 
Haynes, Willis— Bogue Swamp P. 0.. X. C. 
Bryant, James — Gray's Creek, X. C. 
Gilmore. Xathan— Gray's Creek. X. C. 
Graham, Win. — Comvayborough. S. C. 
Johnson, Reuben — VThiteville. X. C. 
Louder, Moses — Conwayborougb, S. C. 
McKoy, S. H. — Whitehall. Bladen Co., X C. 
McKoy, Joseph— Elizabethtown. X. C. 
Monroe, Gilbert, Whitehall. Bladen Co.. X. C. 
Morrison. Mitchell — Whiteville. X. C. 
Robeson, Need ham — Abbottsbnrg, X. C. 
Graham. Darah — Abbottsburg, X. C. 
Whitted, John M. — Prospect Hall. X. C. 
Floyd. Jos 11 u a — Flemington. X. C. 
Cant*, Isham— Flemington. X, C. 



Thursday, October 30th, 1879. 

According to previous appointment the Introductory 
Sermon was preached by Elder John M. Whitted, from the 
21st Chapter Matthew, 28th and 29th verses. Elder Reuben 
Johnson addressed the throne of grace in conclusion. 

After an intermission of twenty minutes the Association 
was called to order by the Chairman of the Executive 
Board, Elder Croslin leading in prayer. 

Calling of the Roll being next in order, which the Clerk 
proceeded to do, and finding a majority of the Churhes 
repesented the Chairman of the Executive Board rose and 
declared the seat of the Moderator vacant, whereupon the 
following officers were elected : 

Elder John M. Whitted, Moderator. 
M. J. Mitchell, Clerk. 
Lewis Moore, Treasurer. 

On motion, a Committee on Finance was appointed, con- 
sisting of James Tolar, Miles Bryant and Rob't \V. Robe- 

On motion, the male members of Flemington Chapel 
were appointed a Committee on Vigilance. 

On motion, the pastor and deacons of same Church were 
appointed a Committee on Religious Exercises. 

On motion, an invitation was extended to visiting and 
corresponding brethren of the same faith and order, where 
upon. Elder H. Gore, of the Lumber River Association, and 
Brother Peter Graves, of the Middle District Association, 
came forward and the rightfhand of fellowship was extend- 
ed to them, making them welcome to a seat and the enjoy- 
ment of all other rights, save the one of voting. 

On motion, the Association adjourned until nine o'clock 
sharp to-morrow 

Benediction was pronounced by Elder Croslin. 



Friday, October Blst, 1879. 

The Association met pursuant to adjournment. The 
Moderator read from St. John 14th Chapter, using the 
Hymn "Jesus my all to Heaven is gone.'' The delegate 
joined in the singing. Rev. Peter Graves offered an earnest 

The Moderator rose and declared the Association ready 
for business. 

On motion, the invitation to visiting and corresponding 
brethren was renewed, whereupon Brother Rush came 
forward add received the right hand of fellowship, making 
him welcome to a seat and all the enjoyments save the right 
of voting. 

On motion, the doors of the Association w T ere thrown 
open for the reception of newly constituted churches. 

On motion, the Proceedings of the last Association be 
and are hereby demanded of the ex-clerk. The Moderator 
requested the Clerk to come forward and report. 

Said report was received, though 'in dissatisfaction, in 
that he had failed to have i^ublished the minutes or pro- 
ceedings of the tenth session, and had applied the money 
appropriated to pay for their publication to his own use. 

The ex-clerk was requested to produce the minutes or 
the money. 

On motion, the Zion Plain Church letter was laid on the 
table until 10 o'clock to-morrow. 

A motion that the Committee on Religious Exercises re- 
port, was lost 

On motion, a Committee on Special Changes was ap- 
pointed as follows : Elder I). Graham, P. McMillan and 
Sandy Ausly. 

On motion, there was a Committee on Sabbath Schools 
appointed, consisting of Brothers Daniel Lucas, B. M. 
Spaulding, and- George Martin. 

On motion, there was a Committee on Education appoint 
ed, consisting of Brothers Lewis Moore, L. P. Lennon, 
Joseph Rich. 

On motion, there was appointed a Committee on Periodi- 
cals as follows : Jas. Tolar, R 4 W. Robeson and Emanuel 


On motion, there was a Committee on Home Missions^ 
consisting of Elder John Croslin, Isliam Cane and Eev. M. 

On motion, there was a Committee appointed on Foreign 
Missions, consisting of J. C. Floyd, Sharp Gore and 
Reuben Johnson. 

On motion, it was ordered by the Association that a col- 
lection be taken up at the close of each religious exercise 
during the session both day and night, for the benefit and 
support of the Association. Brother M. Morrison was ap- 
pointed collector. 

On motion, it was agreed that a note be taken of all the 
sermons that may claim the attention of the Association, 
and that the same be appended to the minutes. 

On motion, the Association adjourned until half past two 
o' clock. 

Prayer by Brother Johnson. Benediction by the Mode- 


The hymn "Come thou eternal spirit," &c, was sung, 
Brother Cane leading in prayer. 

After which the Moderator rose and declared the As- 
sociation ready for business. 

The invitation to visiting and corresponding brethren was 

On motion, an Executive Committee was appointed to 
consist of elders and deacons. 

On motion, the Ninth Article of the Constitution was 
changed so as to read as follows : It shall be the duty of 
the Association to appoint an Executive Committee which 
shall consist of elders and deacons, to whom may be sub- 
mitted the consummation of any plan adopted ; said Com- 
mittee shall be answerable for their official acts to the As- 

On motion, a Committee on Examination and Ordination 
was appointed. Said Committee to consist of elders only. 

I, your servant, beg leave to report as follows : Travel- 
ed 172 miles, preached 19 sermons, baptized 1, which con- 
sumed 16 days, received $5.13. 


On motion, said report was received arid appended to the 

The Committee on Special Changes made their report, 
but it was moved and carried that said report remain on 
the table until to-morrow. 

It was moved and carried that the Association adjourn 
until to-morrow morning at nine o'clock sharp. 

Prayer by Elder D. Graham. Hymn "Praise God from 
whom," &c. Benediction by Brother Wm. Devane, of 
Middle District Association. 

At 7 o'clock at night Brother Wm. Devane addressed the 
congregation. Flemington choir singing the hymn "Show 
pity Lord," &c. 


Saturday, November 1st, 1879. 

The Association met pursuant to adjournment. Hymn 
"Oh speed the christian. " &c, was used. 

Elder S. Gore read the 14th Chapter of St. John, the 
Moderator leading in prayer. 

After which the Moderator rose and declared the Associa- 
tion ready for business. 

The invitation to visiting and corresponding brethren 
was renewed. 

On motion, the minutes of yesterday were and approved. 

On motion of Brother B. M Spaulding the unfinished 
bu sines was taken up, which was the consideration of the 
report on Special Changes. It was ordered that the report 
be re-read. 

It was moved and carried that said report be received 
and appended to the minutes with the necessary amend- 

On motion, New Hope Church was heard from on failing 
to get their letter to the Association. 

It was moved and carried that said delegates report and 
that the Statistics be received. 

On motion, the case of the ex -clerk for failing to have 
the minutes of last meeting published was taken up. On 
finding the ex-clerk absent the consideration of the case 
was deferred until 7 o'clock at night. 


Moved and carried that a committee be appointed to ex- 
amine the -uncalled for letters. Said committee to consist 
of four brothers, B. M. Spaulding, Isham Cane, J. H. 
Floyd, Joshua Floyd, J. King, attended by the Finance 

On motion, the rejjort of the committee was received and 
appended to the minutes. 

Moved and carried that the Association take a recess of 
one hour and a half. 

Brother Cane leading in prayer. Hymn "This earth 
shall soon dissolve like snow," &c. 
Benediction by the Moderator. 

During recess Brother R. Rials, of Middle District Asso- 
ciation addressed the congregation from Second Cor. 5th 
Chapter, 1st verse. 

The choir singing "Show pity Lord," by request of Wm. 


Hymn "Oh, help us Lord," &c. Brother P. McMillan 
offered an earnest petition to the throne of grace. 

The Moderator declared the Association ready for busi- 

A motion prevailed for the appointment of a missionary. 

On motion, a committee of three was appointed to retire 
and bring in names to be voted for as intinerent during 
ensuing Associational year. 

The following brethren were recommended and appointed 
by the Moderator as members of the Executive Board : J. 
M. Croslin, D. Graham, J. M. Whitted, James Tolar, E. 

On motion, the delegates of Gum Swamp came forward 
and stated that their Church was somewhat in a confused 

On motion, the Gum Swamp letter and the committee's 
report was received, and the committee discharged. 

Report of Committee on Mission : We, your committee 
on selection of Missionary, be leave to report names as fol- 
low ; Revs. M. Morrison, D. Graham. 

On motion, said report was received, 


On motion, the letter of Zion Plain was taken up and 

re -read- 
On motion of Brother L. Moore said letter was received, 

after considerable discussion. 

On motion a letter of dismission was granted. 

The Moderator instructed the Clerk to write and forward" 
letters of dismission to all Churches which had been 
granted by this Association. 

The ex-clerk's case was taken up, and on motion, he was 
requested to make his report to the Association, whereupon 
the clerk stated that it was mere negligence the reason he 
did not have the minutes of last session published. 

On motion of B. M. Spaulding, the clerk was requested 
to deposit the amount paid over to him for the publication 
of the minutes of said session on the table. 

On failing to do so he was allowed, at his own request, 
eight days to make a settlement with the Association. 

On motion, the report of the ex-treasurer was called for, 
but he being absent his report was laid over until to-night. 

Moved and carried that the Association adjourn until 
after night services. 

Benediction by Elder John M. Croslin. 

Elder J. M. Whitted preached at seven o'clock, from 
Revelations 6th Chapter, 17th. Verse, "For the great day 
of His wrath has come.' 1 

The Flemington choir furnished some beautiful music. 


The Association met according to adjournment after 

The report of the ex-treasurer being called for, he rose 
and stated that he had received no funds of the Associa- 

After which Elder Croslin stated that no funds belonging 
to the Association had gone into the hands of the Treasur- 
er, as he would not agree to receive it without compensa- 
tion, and all the money, except the minute fund, he was 
responsible for, and that he was ready to settle with the 
Association at an}'' time. 


On motion of M. J. Mitchell, Elder J. M. Croslin was al- 
lowed to settle witli the Executive Board at its next meet- 
ing, as our time is short. 

Moved by Brother James Tolar that we receive neither 
of the choice of the Committee on Missionary. Their 
names were brought before the Association and voted down. 

On motion, this Association appointed Brothers J. M. 
Cioslin, M. Morrison and S. (lore visiting and correspond- 
ing messengers to visit sister associations, both white and 

It was ordered that the Clerk write corresponding letters 
for the different delegates. 

On motion, Elder J. M. Whitted was appointed by the 
Association to be properly delegated at the next meeting 
of the Executive Board as Itinerent for the ensuing Asso- 
ciational year. 

On motion, J. M. Croslin and M. J. Mitchell were ap- 
nointed delegates to the Baptist State Convention. 

On motion, the Committee on Collections was requested 
to settle with the regular Finance Committee, when Rev. 
M. Morrison, associated with J. H. Floyd and H. Barden, 
came forward and paid over $7.09. 

On motion, it was agreed that the Clerk ascertain direct 
information in regard to the publication of the minutes of 
the last [session. 

It was moved and carried that Elder J. M. Croslin preach 
the Introductory Sermon, alternate Elder S. Gore. 

A motion prevailed^that ElderM. M. Whitted preach the 
Charity Sermon, alternate Elder Darah Graham. 

On motion, there is due and is hereby tendered a'vote of 
thanks to the brothers, sisters and friends, both white and 
colored, for their kindness in'entertaining the ministers and 
delegates ; and also to the Flemington choir. We will 
never forget them, and may the Lord bless them all. 

There being calls for the .Association from New Light 
and New Hope, the latters~call was brought before the As- 
sociation according to usage and was accepted by a large 

A motion prevailed that the Clerk receive $12 for labor 
as Clerk in the Association, and compiling and distributing 
the minutes to the different chruches. 

A letter was received from W. H. Banks requesting this 
Association to pay him the sum of $10 for services in com- 


piling minutes for Gray's Creek Association. Upon inves- 
tigation it was found that said Brother Banks was employ- 
ed by the Clerk, who was amenable, and not the Associa- 

On motion, all the unfinished business was left with the 
Executive Board for adjustment. 

On motion, the Association adjourned to meet on Thurs- 
day before the iirst Lord's day in November, 1880, at 11 
o'clock, with the New Hope Church, Bladen County, N. C. 

Prayer by Brother Leonard Frinks. Hymn, "Farewell 
brothers, farewell sisters." 
Benediction pronounced by the Moderator. 

JOHN M. WHITTED, Moderator. 

M. J. MITCHELL, Clerk. 


Sabbath, November 2d, 1879. 

Owing to the inclemency of the weather in the first part 
of the day the congregation was not as large as expected, 
but was composed of both white and" colored. Services 
were commenced by singing the hymn "There is aland of 
pure delight." Prayer by Peter Graves. 

After which Elder Sharp Gore announced his text from 
the 28th Chap, of Isaiah, part of 6th Terse, "Behold I lay 
in Zion a stone, a precious stone." After the sermon Kev. 
Peter Graves lead in prayer, with singing by the Flemington 

Prayer by Elder John Croslin. Hymn, "In all my 
Lord's appointed ways." After which he announced his 
text from 2d Chapter of Paul's letter to Hebrews, "There- 
fore we should give the more earnest heed." 

At the close of the sermon Brother John M. Whitted lead 
in prayer, and the choir sang "From Greenland's icy 
mountains. A collection was taken up amounting to $8.06. 
Benediction was pronounced by Elder Sharp Gore. Thus 
ended a most delightful session of the Association. 



Your Committee on Sabbath Schools beg to report that the interest 
in Sabbath Schools is increasing with thefgrowth of the Church. A 
little more than half a century ago the Sabbath School idea was first 
entertained by the churches. For a long time it was allowed to slum- 
ber, but now it has grown to become a giant among the churches. Too 
much attention to the Sabbath School enterprise cannot be given. — 
Train up a child in the way he should go, is the Bible plan, and then 
he will be able to read the scriptures from his childhood, and become 
wise unto salvation. The ministers therefore, should speak of this 
to the churches and keep the importance of the subject before the peo- 
ple. Respectfully submitted, 



We, your Committee on Education beg leave to report that we deem 
it necessary to recommend the grand movement of educating our- 
selves, and especially our children. We look upon it as being the only 
proper way in which we can make them useful members in our asso- 
ciations and churches. We cannot say too much about educating the 
rising generation;"Iet it not be hollow sounds. Education is the driving 
wheel to christian progress and civilization. It will make us better 
christians, and men and women of high renown ; indeed the very men 
we need to-day in our midst. Let our ministers take hold of this 
great work and encourage it throughout our commonwealth. Minis- 
ters, we charge you to look well to it, the present age demands a higher 
standard of education, and our instructions must become more refined. 
The interests of the Baptists everywhere seems to be increasing, and 
we, your committee, recommend the Shaw Collegiate Institute to the 
attention of our people in the State for collegiate instructions. The 
said Institute is located at the seat of the State Government, Raleigh, 
N. C. Respectfully submitted, 



The Committee on Periodicals beg leave to report as follows : We 
recommend that the Baptists generally, of North Carolina especially, 
take the Biblical Recorder, as it is the Baptist organ of the Stat3. It 
gives us news from all parts of this country, as well as China and other 
heathen nations; also, from Africa, our native country. We also 
recommend the African Expositor to the public as a cheap and inter- 
esting paper. Respectfully submitted, 

james tolar, 
m. McMillan, 
rob't w. robeson. 


J, your eommitttoe, beg* leave to offer the following- resolutions : 

Resolved, That all young men and others, as far as possible, prepar- 
ing for the ministy, be instructed to; attend the! Shaw University at 
Raleigh, N. C, where they will receive proper instructions and be able 
to do their work successfully. 

Resolved farther, That the Superintendent of each Sabbath School 
be instructed to correspond with the American Baptist Publication 
Society regarding Sabbath School papers and booksJ 

Address B. Griffith, D. D., Sec. 6, 44th St., Philadelphia. 

Yours respectfully, D. I. MOORE. 


We, your Committee, beg leave to report to your honorable body 
that our Brother Deacon of Whiteville Church has departed this life 
since we last assembled. We can only add that we hope our loss is his 
eternal gain. Submitted with respect. 


This is a subject of tremendous importance. When we consider the 
benighted condition of the heathen part of our world our feelings are 
of a painful nature. The circumstances in which Providence has 
placed us require upon our part renewed exertions for their rescue 
from under the dominion of idolatry and its consequent calamities. — 
We should be stimulated in this good cause in consideration of that 
which has already been accomplished. 

Respectfully submitted, J. C. FLOYD, 



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^ | Baptized. 

by Letter. 


by Letter. 

OS | Excluded 
l<? | Died. 
^ | Males. 

- Females. 








Whereas, God's people are commanded to strive together for the 
Faith of the Gospel ; and Whereas, In union there is greater streogth 
and capacity for assisting in the promotion of Christ's Kingdom on 
earth ; we, professed disciples of Christ, resplve to unite in an associated 
capacity on the following Constitution : 

Art. 1. — This Association shall be denominated and known as the 
"Gray's Creek Baptist Association, of North Carolina." 

Art. 2. — This body shall be composed of delegates chosen by the 
Churches connected with it : each Church being entitled to three dele- 

Art. 3. — In the selection of these delegates the Churches shall pay 
strict regard to the moral and intellectual qualifications of those ap- 

Art. 4. — The delegates thus selected should bear from their respective 
Churches a letter certifying their appointment, and communicating 
information relative to the state of the Church and the interest thereof. 

Art. 5. — The Association shall select out of their number, annually, 
a Presiding Officer, Secretary and a Treasurer, who may be elected 
by rising or by ballot, and who shall continue in office until the time 
for the annual election. 

Art. B. — The object of the Association shall be the promotion of 
Christ's Kingdom among men; and the way and means of accomplish- 
ing this shall be selectedand prosecuted in strict conformity to law 
and testimony. 

Art. 7. — The Association shall have a fund, created and sustained by 
voluntary contributions from the Churches, which shall be held by the 
Treasurer, and subject to the disposition of the majority present at any 
annual session. 

Art. 8. — A faithful record shall be made of the proceedings of each 
annual session, which shall be presented to each session. 

Art. 9. — It shall be the duty of the Association to appoint an Exe- 
cutive Committee, which shall consist of elders and deacons, to whom 
may be submitted the consummation of any plan adopted ; said Com- 
mittee shall be answerable for their official acts to the Association. 

Art. 10. — The Association shall not maintain permanent fellowship 
toward any of her Churches which neglect to institute and preserve 
proper or Gospel order among their members : nor toward any of her 
Churches and Ministers who treat her Constitution with contempt; 
but shall sustain with her all influence such as promote Gospel princi- 
ples and order. 

Art. 11. — It shall be the province of the Association to invite visiting 
and corresponding brethren to seats, who shall be entitled to speak on 
any point under discussion, but not to vote. 

Art. 12.— The Annual Session of this Association shall begun on 
Thursday before the first Lord's Day in November, at such places as 
may be chosen. 

Art. 13.— By appointment of the Association, there shall be an In- 
troductory Sermon preached, and also a Charity Sermon. 

Art. 14.— The Constitution may be amended at any Annual Session 
by a vote of two-thirds of those present. 

Art. 15. — Without special permission from the Association, no one 
will be allowed to speak more than once upon any subject, nor longer 
than twenty minutes, and shall be allowed only one reply not longer 
than ten minutes. 


I. We believe in one only true and living God, and that there are 
three persons in the Godhead — The Father, Son and Holy Ghost. — 
Gen. 1:26. 2. Cor. xiii:14. 

II. We believe the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the 
Word of God, and the only rule of faith and practice. 2 Tim. iii:16. 

III. We believe in the doctrine of eternal, particular Election. Acts 
xiii:48. Romans viii:28, 80 ; xi:5, 7. 2 Tim. ii:10. 1 Pet. i:2. John vi: 

IV. We believe in the doctrine of Original Sin. Ps, liv:5. 

V. We believe in the doctrine of Man's impotency to recover himself 
from the fallen state he is in by nature, of his own free-will ability. — 
Eph. ii:l, 10. 

VI. We believe that sinners are justified in the sight of God, only by 
the imputed righteousness of Christ. Gal. ii:lG. Rom. iii:24, v:9. 

VII. We believe that God's elect shall be called, converted and 
sanctified by the Holy Spirit. Eph. i:4, 7. 2 Thess. ii:13, 14. Tim 1:5. 

VIII. We believe that the Saints shall persevere in Grace and shall 
never fall finally away. John x:28, 30; xiii:l. 1 Pet. i:9. 

IX. We believe that Baptism and the Lord's Supper are ordinances 
of Christ, and that true believers are the only subjects of these ordi- 
nances ; and that the true mode of Baptism is immersion. Matt. iii:16. 
Acts viii:38, 39. Rom. vi:4. Eph. iv:12. 

X. We believe in the Resurrection of the Dead, and a General Judg- 
ment. 1 Cor. ch. xv. Nev:ll, 15. 

XI. We believe that the punishment of the wicked is everlasting, 
and that the joys of the righteous are eternal. Matt. xxv:46. Rev 
xx:12, 15. 

XII. We believe that Ordained Ministers, or such as have come 
under the imposition of hands by a regular authorized Presbytery only, 
have a right to administer the Ordinances. Acts xiii:3 1 Tim. iv:14. 
2 Tim. i:6.